Full Speed Ahead

Posted on Jul 12, 2012 | No Comments

When it rains, it pours.  I began the summer thinking umbrella drinks and hammocks were in my near future, but I’ve found myself jumping from one acting project to the next with glee (and no discernible suntan).  First up, was Arlene Hutton’s brand new play, According to the Chorus, in which I played a Broadway dancer.  I absolutely loved this cast (Lynn Cohen was mesmerizing as a Broadway dresser), and the collaborative process with Arlene.  She wrote for the actors and revised as we went.  It was exciting to be part of a new work, to have such beautifully written scenes to perform, and to do some ballroom dancing with my costar, Porter Pickard.  All this, plus we raised money for the FAB Theatre Company.  (“FAB” stands for “For, About and By Women” and it consists of over 100 female actors, writers, directors and producers.)

Next up is a reading of a new musical called Urban Momfare, by Pamela Grayson.  I play an overachieving upper eastside mom who has a child with special needs. It’s another role that I feel proud to inhabit and the cherry on top is that I get to sing! William Waldrop, the associate conductor for the Broadway show Evita, arranged the music and is our musical director. He’s such a positive, kind, infinitely patient man–and he transposed all my songs to a lower key to accommodate my alto (man) voice, so he’s my favorite person for the month of July.

Following that, I’m doing a reading of a TV pilot written by Sidse Ploug Sorensen. It’s a comedy and I play a divorced mom who is trying to find the most expensive school possible for her son, since her ex-husband has to foot the bill. The cast hasn’t been fully assembled yet, but already two of my favorites, Lee Brock and Martin Van Treuren, are on board. I can’t wait!

So, I haven’t donned a bikini or my arm floaties yet, but my summer has been full of play in the best sense possible.  I’m working with people who inspire me, make me laugh and make me want to be better.  The beach can wait. :)


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